To Rinse or Not to Rinse – That is the question

to rinse or not to rinse

to rinse or not to rinse

What’s on trial today, for us at Perth Dishwashers today, is the new evidence suggesting not to rinse as it can affect your performance. This is evidence is generally linked to the auto-cycles some manufactures have added to their dishwasher features. This auto-cycle is a clever option that uses a sensor to detect how dirty water is. Its main aims are to save you water, power, and money where it can, as it is able to detect a clean load and automatically reduce the wash heating temperature, length of the cycle and save you money — Genius!

With the ever-increasing lift in technology, some manufactures have been sure to ascertain that the household dishwasher does not miss out. This new smart household member can now come with blue tooth technology, Wi-Fi settings and features such as auto-cycles. These cutting edge and great sales features are designed to make operation easier, give more options and save power, water and money.

So, let’s get back to the debate…

In over 30 years of experience I have struggled with any argument not to rinse except one — saving our valuable water resources — “with the ultimate aim not to waste our precious water resources — not rinsing will always be the victor in this debate” — so the decision has already been made.

So what’s with the other arguments? Why the extra fuss?? Excuses?? Let’s take a look at pros and cons to this question and see if there should be any further additions to this argument?

Cons — against Rinsing your dishes before putting in the dishwasher.

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  • Dishwashers are a great water saving resource as they only use a portion of water compared to handwashing. Rinsing your dishes, before placing them into a dishwasher, defeats any logic to saving this valuable water resource. It’s not to be ignored, and ultimately wins the “no rinsing” argument on its own.
  • Are you time poor? Is your time valuable?
    Then let the dishwasher work for you and save you time!
  • The auto sensor!
    Remember, not all dishwashers have this feature, as it is more exclusive to certain makes and models. However, new data is now suggesting that by rinsing your dishes, you are removing the most important indicator for the sensor – the dirty water. So by rinsing and removing this dirty water, you are not giving the auto-cycle a chance to do its job; which is to wash to the appropriate temperature and length of time to clean your dishes. I don’t think many saw this being a problem!

Pros — for Rinsing your dishes before putting in the dishwasher

  • There’s no doubt that rinsing your dishes will make your dishwasher last longer and continue to perform at optimum. We see it all day, every day! You can always tell the difference immediately when you work on these units as it will be clean under the filters, very little buildup throughout and the mechanical components are clean and in better condition. Generally speaking, these dishwashers almost always last longer and continue to perform better over the years.
  • Some homes may take 3–4 days to fill the dishwasher, which becomes both an odour problem. To add, anything that could have been easily rinsed off is now stuck and could further dry as hard by the dishwasher drying cycle.
    Running it more often with only a few items to prevent these symptoms defeats all logic – so you may have a reason to rinse.
  • Prevents clogging of the filters. Scraping, rinsing, there’s not much chance of foreign particle making their way into those filters and beyond.
    Lastly, if you are concerned about using the auto cycle and getting a poor wash — then choose another cycle!
    In fact, many dishwashers do not have this technology and even the simplest of dishwashers will have multiple cycles to choose from.
    One would assume that if you have rinsed your dishes before placing them into the dishwasher, then a fast or economical cycle will be sufficient.

In conclusion, while we continue to debate a topic that has already been won, I think maybe it’s we should consider if the auto cycle is worth the fuss and confusion. I can only suggest, the next time you purchase a dishwasher, choose the product and features that aligns best with your practices and values.

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