Dishwasher No Power? See this checklist

dishwasher no power – try our checklist first dishwasher no power – try our checklist first

Dishwashers never seem to break down when they are empty. So going to start your dishwasher when it’s fully loaded and finding the unit has no power can be a little frustrating.

Before calling out one of our dishwasher repair specialist, Perth Dishwashers has put together a little list of check items that might get you out of trouble.

dishwasher no power – try our checklist first dishwasher no power – try our checklist first

  1. Check your power plug is plugged in.

    We see it all the time on the road. Someone has jammed a pot into a corner and outcomes the plug!

  2. Check the power point has power.

    You may find the power point is faulty, been tripped or connected to a circuit that has been tripped or been overloaded. You can try and reset the house power board, but please take some caution, as you still may not have found the guilty culprit – which could in fact be your dishwasher.

  3. Make sure the dishwasher door is closed.

    Open the door and check that the tray slides all the way back and nothing is obstructing the door. Check to make sure the door is locked and engaged.

  4. Try resetting the program

    A fault we occasionally see is that the dishwasher has not finished it last dry cycle. Customers are unable to start the unit as it still has to complete the last. Nothing a reset cannot fix.

  5. Try other cycles

    You might find you have finally worn out your favourite wash cycle selector and the extra heavy wash sector you have never used before might have to do the trick to clean the dishes until you can get a serviceman out.

  6. Check your water supply.

    Some units start by filling first, so without that initial water they won’t progress.

  7. Probably time you call Perth Dishwashers.

    The fastest response of specialised dishwasher repair technicians at affordable prices.

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