Tips For Keeping Your Dishwasher Clean

tips for keeping your dishwasher clean

tips for keeping your dishwasher clean 2

Now you can call Perth Dishwashers and book in a dishwasher repair specialist to service your dishwasher or follow some handy tips to make your dishwasher live longer!

Dishwashers are not like any other appliance.
We add our dirty dishes and cutlery all covered in organic material, food particles, sauces and everything that you couldn’t scrape into your bin! We expect it to wash everything to a perfect shine whilst getting rid of all the scraps and residue. Then we do it again and again…
Let’s face it, your dishwasher is not a self-cleaning appliance. It also needs a little love and regular clean to keep it hygienic and working to its optimum.

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tips for keeping your dishwasher clean m1

  1. Remove and Clean your filter regularly.

    Get in the practice of cleaning your filter. Too often we attend jobs and find the filter completely blocked and affecting the flow rate of the internal water. Dirty filters are a haven for breading bacteria and nasty smells. Your dishwasher isn’t running all day so when your dishwasher isn’t running all that build up is just rotting! Remove them and empty contents ion the bin. Wash the filter in warm soapy water and rinse.

    At Perth Dishwashers, we also see too often see pieces of broken glass or fruit pips that are left in the filter too long. Eventually they work their way through and now there’s no return but to call us to unblock or replace a damaged part.
    Save money and clean your filters regularly.

    BIG TIP — Always be sure to lock your filter back into place.

  2. Wipe Down the seals and outer edges of your dishwasher door

    The seal and inner door edge are closed together tightly and prevent your dishwasher. Any buildup cannot be easily washed away by the dishwasher itself. Be sure to wipe down the seal and the inner door frame with a soft, warm sponge and remove any buildup and food residue.

  3. Clean the Spray Arms

    Once the spray arms are blocked, the best way to clean them is to take them off and remove any foreign matter. Spray arms can be very easy to remove once you know how. Make sure to be very careful the first time and work out the safest and easiest way to remove them without damaging.

    Once removed, place them under running water and try to shake out any blockages.

    If you get stuck, please feel free to call Perth Dishwashers, and we can organise a dishwasher repair specialist to come out and give a full service to your dishwasher.

  4. A lot is in the Loading

    Although people disagree whether to rinse your dishes before putting them into the dishwasher, the least you should do is remove scrap off all food particles. Remember, its job is to clean dishes, not be a food disposal unit. After repairing dishwashers for over 30 years, you always know when you are working on a unit that has been loaded correctly over time – they still look brand new inside.

  5. Clean at the bottom of the door

    Hidden away under that lower door lip, you will find residue that needs regular cleaning.

    Be careful as it can be sharp! At Perth dishwashers, we recommend using a soft brush with bristles that can reach into those hard to get places. It helps to start a cycle so that you have some water to dip the brush into, as you will be surprised how much may come out. Once finished, reset the dishwasher and drain out the water.

  6. Use a Dishwasher Cleaning Descaler

    Dishwasher Cleaning Descaler are available at most grocery shopping stores. At Perth Dishwashers, we recommend descaling your dishwasher approximately every 6 months.

    They remove the limescale (including the calcium and magnesium), grease and soot from the hidden areas in your dishwasher for a more hygienic clean.

  7. Run an Empty Cycle

    Once you have finished cleaning your dishwasher, it helps to run an empty cycle. Let nature take its course and wash away all the residue you have loosened up.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Tips for keeping your dishwasher clean.

At any point you need our assistance, please contact us. At Perth Dishwashers, we specialise in dishwashers and will save you time and money with our efficiency and speed.

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